Some repairs are done as you are waiting when time permits. That will be pants hem, buttons, snaps and some others. Pants cuffs, zippers, take in/out and other alterations take a day or few days to complete and may require a fitting.
Operation Price
Pants/jeans hemmed $7
Skirts/dresses hemmed From $15 (based on tail breadth)
Pants/jeans cuffed from $9
Any garments taken in From $15 per seam
Any garments taken out (when possible) Call!
Sleeves shortened, shoulders adjusted From $10
Zippers (leather included) 7" - $15
30" - $29
Zipper not included
Leather add $19
Patches and other repairs to fabrics, lining, pockets etc. From $9
Reflection ribbon from $6, ribbon extra
Setting snap buttons, eyelets, rivets $4.99 setup plus $0.25 a button
What else? Buttons, snaps, grommets & eyelets, elastic and pull strings, you name it! Call!
Price includes labour only, fabric and notions extra. Inquire about stocked notions before you pay retail price at a fabric store
We perform embossed applique on fleece.

You can order embossed applique for the items like blankets, shirts, jackets etc. We support large number of fonts in several sizes: 2", 3", 4" and 5". Below you will find the font faces that we are currently using. New fonts become available from time to time as we are constantly working to improve the variety.

Click on the thumbnails below to visit our applique section: